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A Season of Disruption

Obstacles are a part of life. Overcoming them motivates others to persevere and soar!   


A Season of Disruption is a memoir that tells a story of courage, love, and the willpower to withstand challenges that often break and defeat families.

Widowed due to a twist of fate, Murna Moreland, a Caribbean homemaker, makes a nearly unimaginable choice. She leaves her children—alone— in Jamaica and journeys to the US to find opportunities. Murna anticipates that she will be able to have the children join her soon.

With their father’s death and mother’s departure, 15-year-old Hope assumes guardianship of her four younger siblings. Together the children strive to survive, believing that the separation from their mother will be brief. 

Meanwhile, Murna diligently focuses on reuniting her family in the US, but obstacles delay and derail her plan. Unwilling to accept defeat, she crafts a risky scheme that will either quickly bring her family back together or keep them apart indefinitely. 

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