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We can't escape it; adulthood requires balancing the responsibilities of family/relationships, career/job, and our own physical and emotional well-being. Sharing our time and effort with work, family, friends, and leisure is necessary—but it's a juggling act.   

Anticipating which role should be the center of our attention is sometimes as accurate as attempting to predict a storm's timing, course, and outcome. And storms are inevitable. One day life is a series of calming waves, slowly rolling in with their enticing splish-splash and picturesque cresting white caps, then receding and repeating the flow over and over again. Then without warning, things will change— tides rage, and waves crash ashore with reckless abandon creating chaos.

This is the predicament that 36-year-old career professional, wife, and Mother Maxine "Maxi" Weldon suddenly faced. After years of ups and downs, Maxi is finally enjoying a beautiful life. Then suddenly, things change— multiple storms erupt. Without warning, Maxi finds herself at the center of the outcome of a company decision that could impact her livelihood, career potential, and family financial stability. Then an unexpected reappearance of an old friend and lover disrupts her marriage and challenges her otherwise tight bond with her son.

Now Maxi must find a way to secure her job, get her marriage back on track, and reseal the close ties with her son. But can she do it? Will Maxi survive these storms, or will she succumb to the turbulent winds and torrential waters that challenge her family, career, and well-being?

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