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Freedom and Purpose

Freedom speaks of independence, self-sufficiency, individuality, ability to choose and follow the paths we want when we want to. Freedom allows us to disengage and never worry about others or try to expand our minds and extend the scope of our responsibilities. We are free to worry only about "self" and the areas directly within our view and reach. Freedom means there is no requirement to broaden our horizons, give someone a helping hand or share our knowledge transforming lives. Since we are free, it is easy to steer clear of challenges that may bring anxiety and stress. Freedom makes it easy to accept whatever comes our way, living as someone else dictates, side-stepping conflict, pressure, and pain.

But, our purpose is our motivator. It influences our behavior, defines our goals, and drives us as we navigate life, encouraging us to seek fulfillment. Our purpose challenges us to not simply sit on our freedom but use it as a driving force. Achieving our life's purpose requires accepting responsibility, accountability, and challenge. Our purpose encompasses our dreams, goals, desires, and plans. So, our purpose demands actions, decisions, commitment, living proactively, striving for success, determination to contribute, and willingness to make a difference.

Because we are free, we can choose how we journey through life – active or passive. But because we are people of purpose, we must travel actively through life. We should take our purpose, combine it with our freedom, and journey, courageously, through life. The mixture of freedom and purpose empowers us to accomplish remarkable feats.

We don't always have to live waiting on someone else to act, looking for someone stronger, or seeking out someone we think is wiser to make a change. We have power - we can embody freedom and purpose, take off the mask, throw aside the curtain, call on our inner-strength, give freely of our time and our hearts to make a difference in this life"!

As people of purpose, we should be determined to achieve against all odds. We should believe that our destiny is to experience great victories and work vigorously to this end. We should devote ourselves to sharing and caring for those in need, helping someone else see the light – grab hold of their freedom and find their purpose.

Freedom and purpose are two of life's precious gifts. Because we are free, we have the power to define our legacy, and because we have a purpose, we have direction and devotion to achieve. So grab hold of your freedom, define your purpose and in so doing - truly live and not merely exist.

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