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Living Requires Doing!


to achieve success,

to win equality,

to find happiness.


to experience glory,

to give and take,

to sometimes be a skeptic and sometimes trust beyond belief.


to sharing the fruits of labor,

to caring for those in need,

to baring the mind, body, and soul of doubt.

Dependent on the Desire to Determine, our

Destiny through the Devotion to Doing.

Freedom is a beautiful concept—it speaks of independence, self-sufficiency, and individuality. Because we are free, we can choose how we journey through life—actively or passively. Which path should we choose? Should we live our lives taking the initiative to succeed, determined to contribute and make a difference, or do we go from day to day happy to exist? Are we good enough to accomplish our dreams? Are we courageous to sacrifice our comfort to help someone in need?

It would be so easy to be disengaged and never concern ourselves with the cares of the world or the issues others face. It would be easy to steer clear of challenges that may bring anxiety and stress, but that would remove the possibility of accomplishing some remarkable feat. It would be easy to live as someone else dictates and sidestep conflict, pressure, and pain. Living safe is easy but unrewarding and unfulfilling.

So, instead of waiting on someone else to take action or waiting for someone stronger or smarter to make a change, take off the mask, throw aside the curtain and do something or say something to make a difference in this life!

We should be determined to achieve against all odds. We must not merely believe we will win at whatever we choose and work vigorously to this end. We should devote ourselves to sharing and caring for those in need—willingly performing a good deed. We cannot sit idly waiting on our dreams; we must get going and work to make them real. For because we are free, we have the power to define our future and create a lasting legacy merely by acting instead of watching.

So let’s truly live and not simply exist. Take charge, lead the way, and do it now without delay.

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